Hair removal with modern methods


We have one of the most modern ‘ALEXANDRITE‘ 4th generation LASER machines! Its immediate effectiveness without pain will pleasantly surprise you!


It is done under strict hygiene rules, by beauticians, graduates, who know all hair removal techniques, the anatomy and the particularity of each skin. For the temporary removal of hair growth from non-hormone-dependent areas (legs, bikini, armpits, hands), waxing with a single-use resin wax is suitable. After depilation, oil with antiseptic and nourishing properties is spread on the skin. For the sensitive bikini area, we apply a special soft wax so as to greatly reduce the pain and irritation of the skin TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BENEFITS OF THE IT!!!


Enzyme Hair Removal has all the advantages of waxing, but with the difference that the effect lasts much longer and with its repeated use, the hairs weaken and gradually weaken. The procedure performed in enzyme hair removal is the same as that in simple waxing, except that after the end of the hair removal we ionize enzymes that progressively destroy the hair follicle (papain, chymotrypsin).


Radical hair removal is a service of aesthetics, which is applied to free the person concerned from unwanted hair growth, in various parts of the body. Radical needle hair removal is the most classic and one of the most reliable hair removal methods. It is permanent and effective. It is indicated for small areas mainly on the face, but also on the body. It is ideal for white and blonde hair, which other hair removal systems cannot damage. It is indicated for any area where waxing is applied, for men and women.


A technique that started in ancient times from Turkey, Middle Eastern countries and India. By holding the ends of the thread in special ways, unwanted hairs are trapped and removed


Facial/Eyebrow Removal