Everything our face needs

Deep cleaning (duration 2 hours)

It is the A and Z for a perfect and glowing skin!!

Deep facial cleansing is necessary to remove dirt and sebum from the skin with the help of cosmetic products and beauty machines. It is necessary for both men and women for beautiful, healthy skin.

The steps involved in a cleaning are as follows:

MAKEUP REMOVAL. Removal of dirt and make-up with emulsion and lotion.

EXFOLIATION. With peeling, dead cells are removed for better extraction of sebum and penetration of subsequent cosmetic products.

USE OF STEAM. The special machine relaxes the pores.

SMOKE EXTRACTION. With gentle pressure and gloves, the pores are always opened.

HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENTS. The necessary antibacterial protection follows

MASSAGE. It is applied to the now clean skin with the help of a soothing cream

MASK APPLICATION. For the normal restoration of the pH of the skin, suitable for the type and needs of the skin



Facial hydration (duration 1 hour)

Deep facial hydration at regular intervals helps us keep our skin elastic and shiny! There is a wide range of moisturizing treatments, suitable for each woman’s skin type, age and needs. While a deep hydration treatment right after a deep cleanse offers spectacular results of radiance and toning!


Treatment with fruit acids (AHA) (duration 1 hour)

Acids are found in nature in sugar cane, grapes and sour milk. They cause a form of mild exfoliation on the skin. In particular, using products with a low content of AHA and BHA (around 10%) daily helps the skin to look brighter, smoother and more even. Therefore, AHAs help in the superficial exfoliation of the skin. They also contribute to the treatment and prevention of fine expression wrinkles, discoloration, mild acne and dry skin in order to improve the texture of the skin.

Fruit acids are an ancient beauty secret from the time of Cleopatra who bathed in a milk bath to soften her skin.
Now thanks to technology we have fruit acids for all ages and all skin types.


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