The well -groomed nails are a must!


A professional manicure on a regular basis not only gives a woman a sparkling and charming appearance, but also promotes her well-being. After all, our nails are always an indication of good general health. Regular manicures can ensure you stay away from ingrown toenails, dead or worn skin and weak nails. At the same time, we apply a special massage to the hands that helps with good blood circulation, thus eliminating numbness and swelling and helping to reduce wrinkles that appear over time.


In our place, a pedicure is a rite of passage and not just a nail coloring!

Perfect cleaning of nails, cutting, filing, milling of nails for a perfect shape, cleaning of heels that will look like pink velvet in the end, application of massages where the aim is to stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your tired feet, flawless varnishing of your nails and VOILA!!

Oooh!… what a surprise! Your feet don’t step on the earth but on pink feathery clouds…

With much love and care from us to you.


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