Perfect application of artificial nails


If you are worried about your nails always being short and looking unkempt, if they break at the slightest movement, if you suffer from chronic onychophagia or if you just want to do all those daily manual tasks that strain your hands… then nail art is the ultimate solution for you.

Our expert technicians can add length to your nails, give them the right shape or protect your own nails with natural reinforcement! All this is done with respect to the natural structure of our nails.

Our goal is to get beautiful nails that attract attention while keeping our natural ones strong and healthy.

Nail Art

Bordernails, onestroke technique, watermarble, 3D designs, trendy colors, passion abounds, imagination runs wild, ideas abound… However, every woman is unique with her own special personality!!! Nailartist work is exactly that! To create what suits each woman and represents her style, her needs and her desires. So our goal is to make you feel beautiful, to make your day and to say goodbye with that wonderful female smug smile!!!


Onychoplasty - Artificial nails price list