Beautiful and well-groomed at all hours of the day


We usually call it permanent, but in reality it is called semi-permanent because the method we apply and the results are different!!!

The colors we use are mineral, therefore not chemical. That’s why they don’t stay with us forever, like a tattoo. It lasts two to four years depending on the skin type, age and how well we take care of it. Thus we are given the possibility to renew it and make corrections when, for example, we grow older and our features relax or when fashion changes or even when we want to change their color!!!

Semi-permanent makeup is for everyone!!

The right eyebrow shape and color can transform a face so much that you won’t believe it yourself!! And the most important??

No chemicals enter the body!

The technique

It is hair-by-hair painting for the eyebrows. We can give them length, make them thicker, change their shape completely, always respecting the rules of physiognomy and anatomy. This way the effect is natural and when they look at you they think it’s your own eyebrow with your own hair.


For some women it is the ideal solution that frees them from daily makeup, for others it helps them to cover an anatomical imperfection. In any case, naturalness and avoiding exaggerations is our goal. The main idea is to emphasize our look by applying a line (eyeliner) on the natural contour of our eyes and sometimes to make small corrections to the anatomy of the eyes.


Semi-Permanent Makeup